world telugu meet in london

Vijayawada: The AP Legislative Council chairman, Dr A Chakrapani, said that the United Kingdom Telugu Association (UKTA) would be holding World Telugu Conference in London in July 2012. Speaking to media persons here on Saturday, Dr Chakrapani said that the UKTA had conducted several conferences and events so far in London and won laurels from people of all walks of  life.The UKTA is an active service organisation in the UK helping the Telugu students, promote entrepreneurship and business flair within the community and preserve Telugu culture and tradition, he said.

Dr Chakrapani said that the State government would be supporting the conference. The Association would be inviting the Chief Minister N Kirankumar Reddy, besides other ministers and important leaders, writers and intellectuals from the State to the conference. The UKTA founder-member, Satyaprakash Killli, said that the Association had been organising activities in London to promote Telugu and its rich culture. He said a music concert by Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna was held some time ago, celebrated the 500 years of Sri Krishna Devaraya’s ascension to the throne, workshop for pharmacy students, business network meeting in House of Lords, celebrated 100 years of Janaganamana, Sankranti celebrations in House of Commons, centenary celebrations of International Women’s Day, Ugadi and Diwali celebrations. He said that they had also celebrated Children’s Day involving children from the Telugu families.

During the World Telugu Conference, they would be launching a Telugu magazine and radio for the benefit of the Telugu community, Mr Satyaprakash said. He expressed confidence that the State government and the Telugu-speaking people across the world would make the conference a success.

Local MLC Ilapuram Venkaiah was also present at the news conference.